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October 2020

The Taiji, Japan Dolphin Drive Hunt

Due to COVID-19, we are, unfortunately, unable to host our annual Blue Cove Paddle Out this year, in order to support Dolphin Project's efforts. Where we would usually gather in the ocean to hold a thoughtful ceremony for the dolphins about to lose their lives to the captivity industry and as tainted meat for human consumption, we urge you to visit Dolphin Project and donate directly to them. 

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PC: Trystan Snodgrass

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My boyfriend was coming to visit me for the first time and I was trying to figure out fun things for us to do, to surprise him with. My manager at my job told me about Project Kolika and how they do volunteer trash clean ups in La Jolla and also offer snorkeling/free-diving tours. So I looked up the IG page to see what it was all about. I was thinking to myself that the prices would probably be too much, but to my surprise they were very affordable, so I booked our two hour tour, which I thought was a very generous amount of time. It was my first time snorkeling/free-diving since I was a kid, and my boyfriend's first experience in San Diego. I wasn't sure what to expect, or if we'd see anything at all, because of weather and visibility. Right away, though, Cassie made me really excited and hopeful that we'd see some great marine life. The boyfriend was still pretty skeptical. Lol, we made our way towards the reef area, and almost right away we saw a bat ray, a skate and schools of different fish, that right there, was enough to make the experience worth it to me, but the excitement didn't stop there. The further towards the cove we got the more animals we saw, and then we laid our eyes on a tope shark. I was geeking out. I'd never been that close to a shark before, and I was loving it. To me, the one shark took the tour over the top! But as the visibility in the water got better, I saw another and another until we realized we were floating above a whole school of tope sharks and leopard sharks. It was amazing! Such a memorable moment, and just when you thought ok, they're gone now, another one would appear and bring two more with it. I could've stayed there forever, floating above these amazing creatures. Sadly, our time was ending, but as we were heading back to shore, a beautiful sea turtle made herself known, it was the icing on the cake! I don't think our tour could've gone any better. And my boyfriend and I made some fantastic, unforgettable memories that we'll always have to share thanks to Cassie and Project Kolika!

—  Rose Showstead, Customer





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