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Learn about our campaigns for ocean conservation and how YOU can get involved.

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Save The Mako

With our research and conservation efforts, we aim to save the short-fin mako shark here in San Diego, CA. 

Pinniped Monitoring Program

We are currently writing up our research paper on our data we collected on our sea lions between 2020 and 2021.

Giant Kelp Restoration

Currently monitoring our Giant Kelp beds and assessing urchin populations in San Diego County. If kelp beds shift towards urchin barrens, we are ready to act to restore healthy Giant Kelp beds.

pacific white sided dolphin new years da
Blue Cove

Join us every year for our Blue Cove Paddle Out to raise awareness of the 20,000 dolphins slaughtered in Japan every year. A recommended donation of $10-20 is greatly appreciated and donated to Dolphin Project. Pledge with us to never support a dolphinarium, as they belong wild and free.

Beach Clean Ups

Join us as we clean up San Diego county! Clean ups sponsored by Barrel Bag and Guayaki.

Next Reef + Beach Clean Up:

Mar. 30th


La Jolla Shores



Southern Resident Orcas

The Southern Resident Orcas are starving. Chinook/King Salmon constitutes 80% of their diet.  The solution? Breach the lower four Snake River dams! Click "Act Now" below, and urge the Biden Administration to follow through on their initiative to breach the dams!  #WeAreTheOrca

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Save Wild Salmon

Speak up for the voiceless wild salmon that are heavily struggling to survive against the effects of fish farms in the Discovery Islands of British Columbia.

Read our blog post to take action and help save wild salmon.

Monofilament Recycling

Thanks to our team, we are setting up fishing line receptacles on piers throughout San Diego County, in order to prevent fishing line/lures from ending up in our oceans. Thousands of marine animals get entangled in fishing line each year. Join us in our efforts to reduce monofilament line pollution; we are looking for high school volunteers, preferably from inner city schools in San Diego county.

Lionfish Mitigation

With our Project Kolika - Florida Chapter, we hope to help Florida's coral reefs by mitigating the highly invasive lionfish. Our dedicated volunteers of freedivers and spearfishers operate once every 2 weeks in the Palm Beach area and the Florida Keys. (Project currently on hold. Please contact us if interested in volunteering for this program).

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