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With our research and conservation efforts, we aim to save the short-fin mako shark here in San Diego, CA. 

We conduct bi-monthly behavioral and monitoring research on our local pinnipeds (seals and sea lions). If you would like to get involved with this campaign, email us.

Acting once a month and especially during El Nino events, we remove a portion of the purple sea urchin population to give giant kelp a higher chance at a faster recovery.

Join us every year for our Blue Cove Paddle Out to raise awareness of the 20,000 dolphins slaughtered in Japan every year. A recommended donation of $5-10 is greatly appreciated and donated to Dolphin Project. Pledge with us to never support a dolphinarium, as they belong wild and free.

Join us as we clean up San Diego county! Our La Jolla Shores location has an in-water option to snorkel and look for trash. Clean ups sponsored by Barrel BagGuayaki and AquaLung. Due to COVID-19, masks are mandatory to participate.

Next Reef and Beach Clean Up:

October 17th 9am-12pm La Jolla Shores


The Southern Resident Orcas are starving. Chinook/King Salmon constitutes 80% of their diet.  The solution? Breach the lower four Snake River dams! Click "Act Now" below, and follow @pnwprotectors on Instagram for more ways to help. #WeAreTheOrca


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