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Secretary and Divemaster

Blessed to have grown up on the Californian coast, I've spent a vast part of my childhood enjoying the ocean in many different water activities. During my high school and college years, I became aware of the many significant threats the ocean faces, which motivated me to join the ongoing effort in creating long term positive impacts on the big blue. I worked for The Marine Mammal Center, where I assisted veterinary staff with rehabilitating various injured pinnipeds and otters. Through my passion of creating videos and pictures, I hope to inspire in others the same sense of wonder the ocean has given me all my life and consequently, spark a sense of enthusiasm and determination to help save and protect it.

Founder, CEO, Marine Biologist

Throughout my young life, I've been blessed with incredible animal encounters from having 20+ sea lion pups swimming around me to having fin whales cruise below me. All of these encounters has further propelled and continues to propel my passion for ocean conservation. Having graduated from UCSD/Scripps Institution of Oceanography with a bachelors in marine biology, I hope to one day continue my studies with a PhD. Wildlife conservation is something I consciously work towards every day, and I'm hoping I can enlighten others to see the beauty and mystery of our oceanic world to further inspire its protection.


Partnering up with Project Kolika, I, through Project 1Z, am helping to film their shark conservation short film series. With a focus on adventure video production, “1Z” has built a reputation for producing highly influential commercial content for the outdoor industries top brands. Check out my prints that help support Project Kolika's efforts in shark conservation and awareness.

Beach Clean Up Coordinator

Ever since I was little my heart was tied to the ocean. In the second grade I told my dad to quit his job so he could help me save the ocean. Junior year of high school I created a ocean conservation club called Team Blue and even though I was the one informing my peers about the ocean and it’s importance, I was the one learning the most. In those last two years of high school I learned my passion for education and the ocean. Currently, I’m at UCSD as a senior planning to get a Marine Biology degree with a Science Education minor to further the spread of ocean awareness. 




I’m a global wanderer, shark lover, photographer, and airline pilot, in that order.  Currently traversing the United States in a converted Toyota 4Runner named, “Ethel.” 

Protecting wildlife is about sharing the natural beauty of animals, and showing how fragile our ecosystems are that support those animals.  I believe when we join together to celebrate and responsibly use our resources, we ensure those resources will be available to enjoy for years to come.  It's our world, the only one we've got, and it's worth protecting.


Lorrie Benedict has been in the accounting field for over 25 years. She chose the business name, "Island Girl Bookkeeping," because she shares the "Aloha" spirit to all she works with.

She has clients ranging from cafes, restaurants and bars, photography, real estate, wholesale and manufacturing companies, as well as working with non-profit organizations.

Lorrie also cares for homes and animals on her spare time and lives in the San Diego County.

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