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Tijuana River Crisis

The Tijuana River crisis is not new to San Diego/Tijuana. In fact, this issue has been fought against for decades. We want to use this space to bring awareness and provide you, the public, resources on how you can get involved and help. 

Sign the Petition: End the Public Health and Environmental Justice Emergency at the U.S./Mexico Border

Surfrider Foundation has received more than half of their goal's signatures on their petition. Keep it going, let's get 10,000 signatures to reach their goal in ending this cross-border crisis!

America's Most Endangered Rivers® of 2024- Tijuana River

Produced by Un Mar de Colores

Parts Per Million, by William Bay

Did you know it's not just sewage that is seeping into our ocean but also hazardous chemicals? These very chemicals and bacteria are affecting human health. View William Bay's exposé on the issue here: 

Breaking Point: San Diego’s Border Pollution Reaches Crisis Levels

Produced by Surfrider Foundation

The San Diego Union-Tribune: Sewage Crisis

" 'The smell makes your eyes water and your throat close up,” said Sutcliffe, one of many residents who have reported having similar symptoms and who say they find relief when they leave town. “I was told by (my doctor) that the environment could be the contributing factor (to) my failing health.' "

Read the full article here:

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