Sustainable Living- End of Summer Edition

Before we dive into ways to make your life more sustainable, let's kindly remember that sustainability, for many, is a privilege. Unfortunately, a lot of it comes down to cost. With that being said, we'll share some tips on how to be sustainable, without spending a fortune, along with discount codes and features of some amazing companies who are working to reduce waste for our planet and at an affordable cost.


Some of our favorite products that are reusable, made out of recycled materials, or hold eco-conscious ingredients for spending a day in the sun:

Project Kolika Buffs

Our very own Project Kolika Bull Shark Buffs are reusable and breathable. Able to shield you from the sun and wind, they make the perfect alternative to using sunscreen if spending the day on a boat or even working outdoors. You can even use it as a face mask (Tip: use outdoors while still keeping your distance from the public). Double up with another reusable, thicker face mask when being inside a building, saving sea birds and other marine life

from getting entangled in disposable masks. They can even be used underwater to

keep strands of hair out of your face and dive mask. All proceeds from purchasing a Bull Shark Buff helps support our research and conservation efforts.


Soular Organics Sunscreen

Soular Organics' sunscreens are reef-safe, organic, vegan, and eco-friendly. Containing non-nano zinc oxide as it's main UV fighting ingredient, it does not bring harm to corals! "Non-nano" is the particle size of the zinc, meaning it is large enough to not be able to get absorbed by coral polyps, thus not harming coral reefs. Our team of marine biologists and conservationists approve!

It's got organic adaptogens (non-toxic substances that help the body adapt to stressors whether chemical, biological, or physical), such as maca root powder and chaga mushroom powder. Chaga mushroom has the highest melanin content on the planet; Melanin allows our skin get darker when exposed to UV rays. With an ingredient like chaga mushroom full of melanin, the sunscreen protects you from harmful UV rays.