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5 TIps to be More Eco-Friendly

We all strive to be the best we can be. So why shouldn't we constantly evaluate our daily actions and analyze how they affect our surrounding environment? Here are 5 tips to make you rethink how you're doing things, and bring you closer to being the best ecoconscious self you can be! Remember, it's better to be imperfectly sustainable than to make no changes at all.

1. Ditch the straw and plastic utensils:

Bring your own cutlery and glass/metal straw set when ordering fast food. Keep a clean set in your car or purse/backpack, so that you're ready no matter what. Speaking of straws, there's one thing we all love and thats boba tea. But where can I find a reusable straw that works for boba pearls? We've got you: check out Fin Pin Shop and their boba reusable straws. They even have engraved little sharks on them!

When ordering take-out: Whether calling in or ordering online, let the restaurant know you don't need plastic cutlery.

2. Wash those recylables:

Photo: City of Kwinana

You might think just because that food container with number surrounded by the recycling symbol is present means you can put it straight into your recyling bin. However, food or oily contaminated recyclables can sometimes ruin a whole batch of

items sent for recycling. To avoid this, rinse and dry the things you are wishing to recycle (not forgetting to follow tip #3). NOTE: pizza cardboard can't be recycled due to the oily residue that seeped into it.

3. Turn the water off when not in use:

Photo © Michael Dorman

This is something I think EVERYONE could use a reminder on. Whether you're washing the dishes, brushing your teeth, or shaving, save some water by turning it on only when you need it. If shaving, try using a cup filled with water to rinse your razor in between shaving strokes.

4. Save those banana peels:

Food waste contributes ~146 million tons in landfills each year in the United States. In order to reduce food waste, here's a fun one we bet you didn't know. Banana peels can be used to make tea and as plant fertilizer! First off, bananas contain a good amount of potassium. Simply place your banana peels in a mason jar filled with water for a few

days and now you've got potassium-rich water to fertilize your houseplants. They can even be used to make a sleepy time tea:

  • Wash/rinse your bananas (before peeling) thoroughly.

  • Place banana peels (and banana if you'd like), cutting off the ends, into pot of boiling water (2-3 cups of water).

  • Reduce the heat to a stimmer and steep for 15 min.

  • Optional: sprinkle cinnamon and honey for taste.

Once you've strained your tea and fertilizer water, discard of the peels in your compost!

5. Own a fish tank? Reuse that fish tank water:

For those of us that own fish tanks, you can repurpose the water you remove during your water changes to fertilize your plants. Fish tank water contains lots of nitrates that get removed by live plants in your aquarium or by doing regular water changes. These nitrates are loved by plants; therefore, instead of dumping out that old tank water, use it around your garden or even your house plants. Save money on fertilizer and your water bill!

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