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"Sonic Sea"

Deafening blasts from below make peaceful giants flee to, what they hope to find, peace and quiet. Little do they know, there is no peace from this sound. The man-made blasts force great and once majestic beings to become disorriented, internally hemmorraged, and lost... lost to the point where they would rather die than continue a life like this. When your voice no longer serves a purpose to sing your song of freedom to deafened loved ones, how can you continue life? As social beings alike, whales would suffer, fall into depression, and eventually die, if the internal damage wouldn't have killed them already...

I got invited by the Natural Resources Defense Center (NRDC) to come to LA to watch a premiere screening of their new, touching documentary, Sonic Sea. I took Briana with me, and just wow! We had a beautiful experience meeting amazing people! Pierce Brosnan, now on the list of important environmentalists of NRDC, had an inspiring speech (that will be posted soon in our Gallery). Congrats to our beloved James Bond for having such a warm fire that sparks inspiration and hope in others! We thank you, Pierce! We got to meet the renowned Jean Michel Cousteau and tell him of our mission. Overall, beautiful responses from both of them, as well as others from NRDC.

Sonic Sea is about the horrors whales, and other marine life, must endure in their big blue world, as sonic testing and the travel of commercial shipping ships are to blame. I highly recommend getting the word out to everyone you know about this 60 minute documentary. NRDC, as well as we, believe children are our future. In the very near future, we will be having various outings to promote their cause and raise awareness of the harmful effects sonar testing has on whales.

The eyes are the windows to one's soul. For whales, it is their amazing hearing capacity. I ask you this: if your eyes were taken from you, how would let people see your soul; how would you let them discover your true self? Sad truth: you wouldn't...

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