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Dolphin Slaughter to Continue

September 1st marks the tragic start of the Taiji, Japan dolphin slaughter that occurs every year. Over 20,000 dolphins get slaughtered for human consumption.

First, the dolphins are lured to a beach in Tiaji for only a few will be chosen by dolphin trainers. Those few will become part of a world where freedom does not exist: dolphinariums, much like Sea World. The rest of the dolphins deemed "unfit" to be entertainment worthy are brought to the back of the cove to be slaughtered. Crimson water pours out of the cove, visible to the beach. It's no surprise as to what is going on. Helpless and afraid, their cries can be heard as loud shrieks under water. Unfortunately, the horror doesn't stop there.

The government of Tiaji, Japan allows the slaughtered meats of these dolphins to be sold on the market for human consumption. They sell dolphin meat even in the cafeterias of schools. Now, dolphins carry high levels of mercury in their bodies. And the government is giving this as food to children? Children have been found with levels of mercury poisoning in their blood. In addition, the government lies furthermore to the public by claiming the slaughtered meat is "healthy" whale meat. The public consumes it, unware of the high contamination.

It's one thing to go against a different species and it's another to go against one's own..

This is only a short, concise description of the horrible reality. To learn more, please go visit Their future depends on YOU. The more you learn, the more you educate, and the more you reach out to people who, together, can make a beautiful difference. They do not have a voice, so let us be theirs!

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